Indie alternative singer/songwriter and self-proclaimed sadgirl Alyssa Joseph is not afraid to tell you how she feels. Pairing carefully candid guitar-playing with intensely confessional lyrics, Alyssa finds power in her own vulnerability. Her writing is tender and honest, even blunt at times, but always deeply personal - proof that she’s still figuring it out just like the rest of us.


A New Jersey native and recent East Nashville transplant, Alyssa Joseph draws influence from contemporary songwriters like Julia Jacklin, Sharon Van Etten, and Big Thief. Following the self release of her 2018 EP, “[ir]rational” (which was recorded at Philadelphia’s prestigious Miner Street Recordings), Alyssa spent the following years cutting her teeth touring up and down the eastern US becoming a familiar favorite at Sofar Sounds in NYC, Boston, Philly, Louisville, and DC.


Since her arrival to Music City, Alyssa has worked hard to carve a space for herself as a new kind of Nashville singer/songwriter - one that seeks to replace the town’s traditional country charm with glaringly self-aware grunge and active female empowerment. Along with a team of badass femme engineers including Kate Haldrup (drummer for Lilly Hiatt) and Raelynn Janicke (Infrasonic Mastering), Alyssa released her follow-up EP “alive” on June 4th, 2021 who’s four songs have garnered acclaim from Vents Magazine, Laid Off NYC, and Guitar Girl Mag.


On “alive” we find a dynamic and often depleted young woman fighting to find her footing through the bitter uncertainties of early adulthood. At times, her songs are soft and subtle, at others, roaring louder than a freeway. Through this aural drama, Alyssa’s vocals land squarely at the front of every mix so that no matter what audible or emotional chaos ensues around her, you will undoubtedly know the core of who she is.